The Kids are Alright

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Bruins

Tim Thomas, Zdeno Chara, and the rest of the Bruins decided to the bring the Stanley Cup by Gillette Stadium to remind Belichick just what winning a championship nets you. (Image courtesy of

The Boston Bruins are coming off their most successful season in 38 years. After winning the Stanley Cup and partying all summer, fans had some trepidation coming into this season. It seemed like players on the team went all out in their celebration of winning the cup and from afar, a hangover this season looked to be all but a lock. Not so fast.

The "bear" pack is back for a sequel to last years unexpected hit (Image courtesy of

The Bruins return almost the same exact roster that they won the cup with. The two departures, Michael Ryder and Tomas Kaberle, have been replaced with players of equal if not greater talent in Jordan Caron and Joe Corvo respectively. With such a young roster, the Bruins seem poised to challenge for the cup for the next five to ten years as long as General Manager Peter Chiarelli handles the salary cap properly.

Marshmont and Seguin are both poised to take over Boston (Image courtesy of

The most promising revelation two games into the season has the play of the two most visible and hardest partiers this summer. Brad Marchand, 23, and Tyler Seguin, 19, have been phenomenal so far. Marchand, known for dancing shirtless on table tops for weeks following his hoisting of the cup, scored the only goal for the Bruins in their home opener. Understandably, the team had an emotional letdown after the banner raising ceremony took a half hour before the game. “Marshmont”, his nickname that stuck after his actual name was so eloquently screwed up by a rabid sports radio caller, followed up his first game with two assists in the win over the Tampa Bay Lightning. He flies around the ice with reckless abandon and he is a complete pest to the other teams top players. But most importantly, Marchand has skills that no one saw coming. He has great hands and a wonderful ability to finish around the net. The kid is well on his way to becoming a legend in Boston.

With even more upside than Marchand, we have the anointed one, Tyler Seguin. Drafted second overall in last years draft, Seguin showed flashes of obscene skill during his rookie campaign. He comes into this year after a summer of pictures showing him side by side with Marchand in the Stanley Cup celebrations, even though he is underage. There was concern that he might be influenced in a way that was less than desirable. So, fans were understandably relieved when Seguin showed up in camp having added ten to fifteen pounds of muscle to his frame. His offseason work seems to have paid off in a big way. Seguin, in a display off his incredible vision on the ice, found Marchand from half way down the rink to set up Marchand’s goal in the first game. He followed up that performance with two more assists against the Tampa Bay Lightning. The sky is the limit for Seguin and we are watching the development of a stud in this league.

Marshmont couldn't get enough of this after winning the cup last year. (Image courtesy of

The Bruins have to feel comfortable with the team they brought back this year. On top of the solid core, they have these two wonder kids who continue to improve at an exponential rate. If Seguin becomes the superstar we think he will and Marchand provides another top line scorer, the Bruins look to make many more runs to the Stanley Cup in the near future.

Seguin has the opportunity for many more nights like this (Image courtesy of


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